Benefits Update

Local 4153
Don Anderson, President
Brent Boyle, Recording Secretary

Sisters and Brothers,
The EWBT has extended the deadline for enrollment for our benefit plan, from March 23 to April 6th, 2018.
It is your responsibility to enroll into the benefit trust, the employer has given your information to the trust, but if your information is not correct the enrollment package may be lost in the mail. Members should contact the board to make sure all their information is up to date.
Member must reach out to the EWBT ASAP if they have NOT received an enrollment package. Members that have just recently gotten their first permanent posting they have 31 days to register for their benefits.
Failure to register could result in the loss of all their benefits. I suggest calling the phone listed below to make initial contact with otip.

1 866 783 6847

Please share this information with other members.
In solidarity,
Your Executive Committee
CUPE Local 4153

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Circulating letter

The attached picture is of a letter being sent to certain members of our local. One of the recipients contacted myself knowing I was the chair of the trial committee and had already seen the evidence in question. The letter was accompanied by a copy of the police report and insurance company letter, both of which were only given as evidence in the trial. Access to these documents was limited to a very small group of people, even smaller considering the fact that less of those people were in attendance at last Sunday’s general membership meeting.

This is clearly another tactic trying to cause confusion and discord within our local and I’m disgusted by it. The fact that the coward lacked the courage to put their name to it speaks volumes about their character, or lack of it.

I hope we can get to the bottom of this issue and have the instigator charged and have their membership revoked and send a clear message about what happens to people trying to divide our membership instead of building it up.
Blake Corkill

OTIP- Cupe Benefit Trust

February 9, 2018
Brothers and Sisters,
The new benefit plan (Educational Worker Benefit Trust) is currently being rolled out, we must as individuals, sign up for this new plan (EWBT) by March 1, 2018. Everyone should have by now received a welcome package explaining coverage and registration procedure.
If you have not received your welcome package go to the CUPE Ontario website and follow the links to CUPE EWBT or call the helpline.
If have any questions, there is a 1-800 hotline to aid our local in this process (Listed below).
It is your responsibility to register for our new benefit package (EWBT), any one of our Executive members should be able to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind that we are paying our portion of the EWBT directly to our new provider, OTIP, from your personal bank account.
You will need a few things;
• Employee Identification number
• Banking information (Account #, Branch # and Trans #)
• Be able to print out several items, beneficiary declaration and confirmation of registration
If you know of any members that might be on extend leave from the employer, please reach out to them to be sure that they realize the change that has started, because they could lose their benefits.
At the present time the EWBT plan is not offered to retirees or casuals. The EWBT Trustees are developing a plan for retirees’ that will be rolled out in in May 2018, we hope to get more information on benefits for retirees soon.
If you have any questions feel free to call myself or any of the other Executive members,
In solidarity,

Dave Dickhout
First Vice President
Local 4153

Educational Worker Benefit Trust

Welcome Booklet

Guide booklet

Questions For enrolment, eligibility, life coverage or premiums Call OTIP: 1-866-783-6847
For health or dental coverage & claims Call Great-West Life: 1-866-800-8058

Seniority list

Update for Members

Human resources is running behind on posting the CUPE seniority list. The updated seniority list will be available February 15, 2018.

In Solidarity
Flora DiCarlo
Chief Steward