Circulating letter

The attached picture is of a letter being sent to certain members of our local. One of the recipients contacted myself knowing I was the chair of the trial committee and had already seen the evidence in question. The letter was accompanied by a copy of the police report and insurance company letter, both of which were only given as evidence in the trial. Access to these documents was limited to a very small group of people, even smaller considering the fact that less of those people were in attendance at last Sunday’s general membership meeting.

This is clearly another tactic trying to cause confusion and discord within our local and I’m disgusted by it. The fact that the coward lacked the courage to put their name to it speaks volumes about their character, or lack of it.

I hope we can get to the bottom of this issue and have the instigator charged and have their membership revoked and send a clear message about what happens to people trying to divide our membership instead of building it up.
Blake Corkill