Cleaner in Classrooms

CUPE 4153 Health & Safety Committee
CUPE 4153 Executive
Marilyn MacAloney, Ken Boyle, Blake Corkill

November 28, 2017
Direction To Members re: cleaner in classrooms

Currently in many of our schools (mostly elementary) there is a practice of our members supplying diluted Neutral, PerDiem, Vinegar, etc. to classrooms in spray bottles for cleaning of desks after/during nutrition breaks or the instructional day.
This practice puts our members at risk of discipline and possibly prosecution in the event that a student could access the chemical and assault a fellow student with it, consume it themselves or have an adverse reaction due to inhalation. It is our firm belief that in the event of these things occurring, there isn’t a principal, teacher or supervisor that would be willing to take the hit and say they ok’d that practice – leaving our members vulnerable.
This practice was and is not an approved action by the employer and there is no documentation to support it.
It is our recommendation that effective immediately our members remove and dispose of any diluted chemicals in classrooms and if asked by any school staff members for something to clean desks with, they be provided with only a spray bottle and water.
Any cleanup that requires the use of chemicals should only be performed by our members who have been trained in the proper use and handling of chemicals supplied by the employer.