Vacation information

Re: Vacation Allotments

Sisters and Brothers
There’s been some confusion surrounding vacations and the amount time allotted for our members. Our Collective Agreement speaks to days and weeks and not hours for time off of work for vacations.
We, the executive, have gotten clarification on vacation allotments from Human Resources at the Ed Centre. Some of the vacation sheets that were distributed were incorrect. The allotment is according to the Collective agreement, your entitlement is applied as per your years of service.
· 3 weeks
· 4 weeks
· 5 weeks
· 6 weeks
You’ll be paid as per your posted position, 20, 30 or 40 hours per week of vacation taken. Seniority for vacation is calculated from September 1, not your anniversary start date of employment.
Recent hired casuals are entitled to about 1 day per month of service, keep in mind that your vacation pay is paid out on each pay cheque, so you would get the time but not the money.
There’s a grievance filed for proration of vacation days, that is still outstanding and we are seeking remedy, you’ll be updated later, when we get a final answer.
Please take your vacation as you did in the past.
In solidarity

Executive Committee Local 4153