Sisters and Brothers,.,,

We as an Executive decided to spread the workload and utilize all members of the Executive by assigning each Executive a liaison role to act on behalf of the President to each and every committee developed for our Local.The duties of the Executive Liaison is not to lead the committee but to provide assistance when needed and to report back to the Executive Board on the activities of the committee.We as an Executive will asking the membership for members to become more involved in the role as committee members. We are working on a process at this time on how to fill these committees, some will be filled by appointment while others will be by nominations/elections.The list of committees will be available soon, watch our website for more information.
At a recent Executive Board Meeting there was a discussion around the various committees in our Local Bylaws and the new Bylaws being developed. As per our Bylaws and the National Constitution, our President or his designate has a seat on every committee. We were mandated by our Bylaws to have some of these committees in place immediately following the Local’s elections such as the Grievance and WSIB committees, just to name two.

In Solidarity,

Dave Dickhout                        Lori Whiteford

1st Vice-President                  2nd Vice-President

CUPE Local 4153                   CUPE Local 4153