2016 Summer Issues

Hello Sisters and Brothers:

Here are a couple of issues that have come to our attention at this time and how to handle them:


I am an Casual who hasn’t completed their training or their probation and the Log Books need to be completed. What do I do?

Answer 1

Contact your Area Supervisor for direction or your Union Steward, before you attempt to do them.


Question 2

Day Cares are disposing of diapers in an unsafe manner. What do I do?

Answer 2

Day Cares are renting areas of our facilities. Your CUPE Health and Safety Committee has requested that the Caretaking Manager discuss with Rentals the proper procedure for safe disposal of the diapers, and to forward this information to the Rental groups.

In the meantime, you can create a private conversation in eBase under Community Use of the particular permit and click on Internal to dialogue with rentals to register your complaint. You may also wish to inform your Area Supervisor and contact a Steward.

Also there is a brand new procedure being introduced at the Central Joint Health and Safety Committee meeting in September 2016, which will speak to safe disposal of diapers in the schools.