Medical Certificate Clarification

Sisters and Brothers

In order to clarification surrounding the requirement for when are members are required to provide a Medical Certificate.

The Collective Agreement states that

25.04 To qualify for sick leave, an employee who is absent from duties for a period exceeding five (5) consecutive working days must produce a certificate of illness from a qualified physician or licentiate of dental surgery and ( if required by the Board) a further certificate from the Medical Officer of the Board upon return to work. The board may, at its discretion, required a medical certificate form a qualified physician to cover an absence from work through illness or accident for five (5) consecutive working days or less.

If you are off five (5) consecutive days you are required to provide a medical certificate. If there is no medical certificate provided the employer will be sending you a letter asking you for that medical certificate.

Also i need to inform you that you medical certificate is NOT to be given to your Principal, Area Supervisor. Your medical certificate is to be sent to the Disability Management Department or you can fax to the confidential fax number (905) 527-1488.

If you need any further information please contact myself or Steward.

In Solidarity

John Tompa