Casual Sick Leave Grievance Update (ATTENTION CASUALS)

Hello Members:

In keeping with our vision of clarity and transparency, we wanted to give you an update on the Payout of the Casual Sick Leave.

This grievance has been referred back to the PROVINCIAL RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE.

As per the Collective Agreement that was reached between CUPE and the Council Of Trustee Association, where it states Casuals are entitled to sick leave after being in an assignment longer than 12 days.

Remember to document the sick days you’ve taken and the location you were in when you took those days, if you’ve been in the assignment longer than 12 days.

Any Casuals who have been in a long term assignment longer than 12 days and have not been paid sick leave, please contact:  Chief Steward Flora DiCarlo


Flora DiCarlo

Chief Steward, CUPE 4153