Social Media

Sisters and Brothers

I would like to take the opportunity to inform  you as what seems to be a growing concern that is happening within our union, Social Media and how it relates with our work and our employer.

Members over the last little while have been using Social Media to make comments about their workplace, the employer and or co workers.

I would not be doing my job as President of this union if I don’t inform you that this is  unacceptable practise and the the employer is taking a hard line and are members are being disciplined over this.

Many of our members use email and the internet to tell people about things that happen at work and thinking they can say what ever they want even if they are “off duty” and communicating with friends or people they know

Our members are being disciplined for using social media to complain about the employer, co workers, and the workplace.

In a lot of cases employers are winning these case and arbitrators and the courts have decided that the internet and social media are public spaces. As a result of this employees are NOT allowed to say negative things about work when they are on the internet, in fact you are not even allowed to say or post positive things as this can violate privacy and confidentiality.

All though we will continue defend our members, I ask that members please stop and think twice before you push the send or post button as you will put yourself in a situation that can get you disciplined and  I do not want this to happen to anyone.

In Solidarity

John Tompa