Update on Casual Sick Leave

Dear Sisters and Brothers

I want to provide an update on Casuals Sick Leave entitlement. As i reported in an earlier post on February 3, 2016 that the employer has been given a different opinion. As of now we have not heard anything back from the Ontario School Boards Coordinating Committee Chair Person or National Staff Coordinator assigned to the committee. I have sent another email asking for an update and if there has been any progress, i have been told that they are following it up with the Chief Negotiator from the CTA (Council of Trustee Association) and hope to hear back soon. Until then i ask all Casuals to continue document the days they  are sick if they are in a long term assignments longer then 12 days and the hours of work and location. I will hope to hear back in a reasonable time frame and will update as soon a i hear back.

John Tompa