Board Internal Mail

Sisters and Brothers

The union has approached the Board about the issues with their internal mail. I had calls from members that they have sent time sheets etc through the internal mail and for some reason its not getting to where it needs to go. As a result some members have been negatively affected by not having their pay, medical notes not getting submitted etc. Also the unions ability to communicate effectively to you the members on issues including union meeting notices. The latest being when Lori Whiteford took our union meeting notice directly to the Ed Centre mailroom 2 weeks prior to our March Meeting and still to this day no one has seen them in the schools and or buildings.

I have talked with  someone in charge of the Boards mailroom on March 23rd and was assured  they would look into whats going on and correct it. Also today March 24th  Senior Facilities Manager   assured me that he is looking into this,we will continue to communicate through our website, please  take time sheets etc directly to the Board.

Yours In Solidarity

John Tompa