Dear Sisters and Brothers;

At the June, 2015 GMM I was sworn in as your new President of CUPE Local 4153.  Before that time, I was Chief Steward of this local for four years and Secretary-Treasurer for seven years before that.  During those 11 years I was totalling committed and dedicated to every member of our Union that needed assistance.  As “President” of this local, I REMAIN totally committed to every member of our local.

Over the past few months I have heard many comments regarding contacting me.  I’ve heard say… “I know you’re President now and I hate to bother you, but….”; OR  “I should probably call someone else, but….”.  I wholeheartedly want to dispel this concept.  I am President of this local but I am still the same person who remains sincerely dedicated to EVERY member of this local !  I want each and every member to feel free to contact me directly about ANY issue they may have.  Any time…of any day! … I am available!  Please feel free to contact me regarding ANY ISSUE that you may be concerned about.  I’m here for YOU!  I’ve always been here for YOU!

In Solidarity,
John Tompa
President ~ (905)518-6914 …Any time, Any day!