What Will Happen If I Refuse…? Ask Your Principal/Supervisor

If Principal’s and/or Managers are pressuring you to VIOLATE your Work-to-Rule Legal Job Action you need to ask them this Question:

What will happen if I refuse? &…. We need you to send us their reply.

CUPE Provincial & National will then add the specific name of the Principal/Manager to CUPE’s Legal Team for further action.

Not only can the employer be held responsible for violating the Ministry of Labour’s Legal Work-to-Rule Job Action Law’s but so can each Manager/Principal be held responsible individually for purposely standing in the way of a Legal Job Action.

We belong to CUPE NATIONAL; that being said you might not understand that even though you think this is a Provincial action by the OSBCC (Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee) a division of the Ontario District; WE ARE CUPE NATIONAL!  We have Unlimited Support & Legal funding!

So Stay Strong & know you are being HEARD across Ontario & Canada!