State of Bargaining – URGENT

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

On June 29, 2015 the Negotiating Committee met once again go through the Local proposal that we will be presenting to the Board once the time comes.  After the Negotiating Committee met, the Executive Committee met to review the proposal and prepare for when Provincial and Local bargaining commences.  We have dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s, and we are ready!

Later that evening I also met with OSBCC Area 11 Locals, which I represent at the Provincial level.  At this meeting we discussed strategies and how we will be working together to support each other if job action is required.

As I reported at the General Membership Meeting held June 21st, there was one more day of Hearing at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) scheduled for June 23, 2015. From this meeting we expected a final decision on which issued would be bargained at the Provincial level, and which would be bargained at the Local levels.   We suspected that we may not hear anything until mid July, but…. when I got home last night and checked my email… low and behold the decision has been rendered.  The labour ruling is in!

Last night our Local placed a “call drop” to every member using telephone numbers which were either supplied to the Union office recently, or numbers we had on file previously.  At this time it is imperative that the Union be able to reach all of our members through the summer.  If you did not receive a call, or you know a co-worker who didn’t, please call (or have them call) the Union Office as soon as possible so that future calls regarding bargaining won’t be missed.

Also, please check the Local’s website often, as current information will be posted there. We are committed to keeping you all informed as information is available.  Your Negotiating Committee is ready to start bargaining throughout the summer if necessary!

On behalf of the Negotiating Committee, the Executive Committee and myself…
We wish you a safe, healthy and informative summer vacation!

Yours in Solidarity,
John Tompa