The Proud History of Local 4153

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

Over the next few months, we will be posting stories of the proud history of our Local.  All too often, we have heard from many of our newer members…”Why am I paying Union dues?”   A fair question, and one that we hope to answer with this overview.  It is a question that can be best answered by outlining this Local’s successes over the past thirty (30) years.  We have led the province fighting for equal rights for our sisters, cleaning up the horrific Health & Safety violations regarding asbestos in our workplaces, and establishing contracting-in of skilled work that led to much greater job security for us all.  Our successes have paved the way for all other CUPE Locals in the province.  We set the bar high and despite being told by many that we would never achieve our goals, we never shied away from the challenge and we won every time.  The fight never ends and we continue to fight on your behalf every day, but as we look to the future we cannot, and should not forget the past.

To review these very interesting documents, go to the About Us tab and scroll down to the Our History tab.  

In Solidarity,
John Tompa
Chief Steward

Ian Whitaker