Ontario Division Convention

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

This was my last time attending the CUPE Ontario Division Convention, and one of the best!  You should all be proud of the showing that all elected representatives from across the province gave…1200 delegates, including those from Local 4153!  All members should be made aware that our “provincial divisions” are actually “political divisions” within CUPE.

At this convention, we all decided and pledged to fight the provinces “austerity agenda”, and most importantly, to fight against the sale of Hydro One.  The hydro grid is there because our parents and grandparents bought and paid for it with their taxes.  It belongs to all of us!  If the sale of this public utility were to go through, we will lose hundreds of millions in revenue and the public services which we supply will take a big hit.  This would result in service cuts and layoffs in every sector including education!  We have mobilized to fight this sale and the strength of our movement was recently proven in Alberta where “labour” helped elect an NDP Government!  CUPE stands strong, with all other Unions in opposing the privatization of Hydro One.  We didn’t accept it when Mike Harris’s Conservatives tried and we won’t accept it now!

This leads me to report on the other front in the fight against austerity in the upcoming Federal Election.  We will have the opportunity to vote for the government we want…and to elect our first ever NDP federal government with Tom Mulcair as our Prime Minister.  All delegates present agree that it’s time to go back to our Local Unions and talk to our members about voting for a better, fairer Canada.  The kind of Canada you’ve been wanting for yourself and your families.  You can be a part of it!  Together, we can be active along with all other CUPE Locals across all sectors in voting for the change we all believe in…a better Canada!

Yours in Solidarity,
Arch Walker