URGENT: Working Hours ~ Flex Time

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

I am writing to reiterate that at a Staff Relations meeting on February 26, 2015 the Board put the Union Executive on notice that starting Friday, February 27th alterations in working hours will no longer be allowed.  The ONLY exceptions will be those who “currently” are on altered hours due to a medical accommodation registered with the Human Resources Department, or those who have alternate hours of work through the Human Rights Code.  All others must work their hours as outlined in the Collective Agreement.  Any future changes in hours will only be permitted with “written” prior approval of their Area Supervisor AND their School Principal.

Please take notice that the Board IS monitoring schools, and is taking each situation found VERY SERIOUSLY!  Unless you have WRITTEN PERMISSION from your Area Supervisor and School Principal…DO NOT ALTER YOUR HOURS OF WORK!

In Solidarity,
John Tompa
Chief Steward