Union Conventions

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

It’s almost time for the 2015 CUPE Ontario Division Convention.  This is a convention where CUPE Locals from across the province gather to develop policies which can, and will affect us all.  It is very “democratic” and all CUPE Locals in Ontario are entitled to attend, and do attend.  These locals represent school boards, municipalities, hospitals, social services, etc.  These conventions are where the rubber hits the road.  It is where delegates from all sectors try to convince those in attendance that CUPE Ontario dollars should be spent to support the sector which they represent (in our case, School Boards). We convinced the CUPE Ontario delegates last year, both by debate and by numbers of CUPE Local delegates in our voting bloc, to divert more money than usual to the school board sector…given the struggle we have been in.

The same goes for the CUPE National Convention, where voting blocs from provinces and territories try to convince the floor that money should be spent in the jurisdiction they represent.  For example, in 2013 the delegates from Ontario convinced CUPE National to increase strike pay from $200/week to $300/week.  When we attend conventions, seminars or schools on your behalf, we have a rule that ALL members we send, be on the floor, at ALL TIMES during the business day.  This rule is enforced by our CUPE Local 4153 Bylaws, Article 12.02(b).

Now…one more thing.  It has come to my attention that a member has questioned why “Arch” is going to the conference in May… “he’s retiring”, they said.  With the support of your elected Local Executive, I say to you now… I am the President of this Local Union and I will remain President and fulfill my duties until the day I retire and not before!  Not only that but past retirement, I plan to be a member of the CUPE Retiree Network which will allow me to continue to attend Local 4153 General Membership meetings.

In Solidarity…Always,
Arch Walker