OMERS Enrollment for Casuals

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

Over the past few weeks I have received several inquiries regarding enrollment in OMERS for our Casual members.  Well folks, here is how it works…

Enrollment is mandatory upon getting a thirty (30) or forty (40) hour posting.  However, enrollment is voluntary for twenty (20) hour postings and Casuals once you meet specific criteria.  The required criteria is as follows:

  • You must work 700 hours in two (2) consecutive years or earn 35% of the Y.M.P.E. (Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings).

          Example:        2014 – 700 hours     or        2014 – $18,375

                                  2015 – 700 hours                 2015 – $18,760

Once the Board has verified that you have reached the required criteria, they will send you a Voluntary Enrollment package and you are then eligible to start contributing to your OMERS pension as of January 1st of the following calendar year. (The previous example is based on January 1, 2016).  The verification process usually begins in November and depending on the number of eligible members can take up to several weeks to complete.  Therefore, if you meet the criteria it may be early in the New Year when you receive an Enrollment package.

I hope this information is helpful to our Casual members.  Please don’t hesitate to call me at (905)518-7096 if you have any other questions.

In Solidarity,
Lori Whiteford
Recording Secretary