Beware!!… And Politely Decline!

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Board has started asking Caretaking staff to vacate their “POSTED POSITIONS” temporarily, to re-lamp gymnasiums and other work which requires FALL ARREST training.  They are, in essence, negotiating with you.  The Collective Agreement specifically states that CUPE Local 4153 is the “Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent” for all Cooks, Caretaking and Maintenance staff.

The Board speaking to our members directly regarding these issues is a clear violation of our C/A.  This action violates articles under posting rights, transfers, etc.  Specifically, the Board has the right under Article 12:03 to transfer people for conflict resolution, training needs and replacement coverage.  They want qualified people (those with the training) to go to work at schools where the staff does not have the training.  They should just TRAIN THEM!  It’s not your fault that management has let this lead to a crisis where hundreds of lights at one location need to be fixed!

Please DO NOT AGREE to go!  We have now been told that if a person indicates that they prefer not to go, and they don’t have enough people “agree” to go, then employees may be “DIRECTED!” to go.  The Union views the very act of even “asking” you to go as a violation of the Collective Agreement!  It may seem at first to be a welcome change to get out of your school, but down the road this could lead to a point where we no longer enjoy “site-specific posting”.  If asked to go, please say that you’d rather not, and explain that you will be calling a Shop Steward.  Then call one!

Please support the Union in this endeavor to uphold your Collective Agreement!

In Solidarity,

Arch Walker           John Tompa
President               Chief Steward