BEWARE – “The Smiling Fox”

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

There is an old saying…”Never trust a smiling fox!”…This is a warning that we should all take very seriously when speaking of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak!  He has recently admitted that his “right to work”, anti-Union platform was flawed, but only because he faced a backlash from his minions in the party, and only because they saw it as a roadblock to getting elected.  Anybody with a drop of political savvy knew that this “smiling fox” was not going away though!

He is now proposing that all government services, including our work, be contracted-out to the lowest cost bidder and that we would have to “compete with private companies” to see who can do the work at the lowest cost.  Only health care professionals, teachers, police and fire services would be exempt!  This is a quote from Hudak…”If you want the best services, there’s nothing like a good old competition to do so…the best offers on the table for the best price!”.

Well Sisters and Brothers, I’m not going to “compete” for a job that I already have!  I will keep you all up to date on this issue and others as we approach our Provincial Election.

In Solidarity,
Arch Walker