New Website!

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In April of 2005, at a CUPE School Board Conference in Ottawa, I learned that we could have our own Local Website through CUPE National.  With their help, I created and administered our new site and had the ability to give updates at a moment’s notice when necessary…and at times it was necessary!  Some of you may remember the OMERS crisis!

Over the years the site evolved and Brother Rob Tait has been our web-master for many of these years.  At this point, I write to inform you that we will be going back to our previous format, using a template supplied by CUPE National, primarily because things are changing on a daily basis.  Our new site includes daily updates from both CUPE Ontario and CUPE National, and also includes quick links to go to these two websites.  The site will now be administered through our Union office by our Administrative Assistant, as well as a few trained Executive members which will be able to make changes and post updates at a moment’s notice, when our office is closed.

The members of CUPE Local 4153 thank Brother Rob Tait for his many years of service to us in administering our previous site!

The transition will be unnoticeable other than the new format.  Effective today, our new website address is .  Please delete the old site from your list of favorites and add the new one.

In Solidarity,
Arch Walker