Modified Work Accommodations

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

Many of our members have returned to work with an agreement of modified work accommodations from the Board.  These accommodations might or might not include modified equipment at the workplace.  It has come to my attention that some of the agreed upon accommodations might not have been adhered to in some cases.  Please let me know if any members have had any issues regarding the following conditions regarding accommodations:

  • Were co-workers informed by the area supervisor of the accommodation?
  • Was the agreed upon equipment needed, provided to you?
  • If modifications to the schedules in your building were needed, did the supervisor put those modifications in place with co-workers (i.e. stairs, lifting)

If you have had any issues with these conditions of accommodations, or any issues or concerns at all regarding an accommodation agreed upon, please contact the Union office at the telephone number below.  Janna will make note of issues and I will present them at the next Staff Relations Meeting with the Board.

In Solidarity,
John Tompa
Chief Steward