Letter of Agreement between HWDSB and CUPE Local 4153

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The following “Letter of Agreement” is a settlement of Temporary Day Head Caretaker Training Opportunities, proposed between the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and CUPE Local 4153.  After many long discussions with the Board, the Union has agreed to these terms for as long as the Board owns the existing buildings.  To date these buildings include King George, Maple Lane, Red Hill and Vincent Massey.

Members who successfully apply for these opportunities will not be entitled to overtime at the location which they vacated for the year.  Your place on the overtime wheel at your temporarily vacated location will be taken by the person replacing you at that location.

In Solidarity,
John Tompa
Chief Steward






Without prejudice or precedent, the Parties agree to fill the Temporary Day Head Caretaker Training Opportunities in the following manner:

 These opportunities are offered to qualified CUPE staff for the purposes of providing the incumbents long-term experience in a Day Head Caretaker position.

  1. Only qualified Caretakers in accordance with the collective agreement (Appendix E) and Afternoon Head Caretakers who have not previously covered a long term day-shift Head Caretaker shall be considered for this temporary assignment.
  2. Long-term assignments will be defined as 6 months or greater.
  3. The position will be granted to the most senior applicant who meets the criteria described in this LOA.
  4. If the incumbent of a Temporary Day Head Caretaker training opportunity is the successful applicant to a lateral position to the position he/she owns;  the incumbent shall remain in the temporary assignment until the end date of the temporary assignment; if the incumbent is successful to a promotional position to the position he/she owns, the incumbent shall move to the new assignment and the temporary Day Head Caretaker Training Opportunity is posted.

Dated at Hamilton this 9th day of April, 2013.

For the Board                                                                                 For CUPE

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