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We are the support staff for the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board education sector. We consist of Maintenance staff, Head Caretakers, Caretakers, Assistant Caretakers and Cooks. The jobs are very diverse now.

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There will be a vote on June 25th regarding Bill 115 at the Union Meeting and By-Election for 2nd Vice President.|

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Cupe Executive Cell Numbers. View all other committee members cell numbers above under the “About Us” link.

Don Anderson–905-308-5090  
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Dave Dickhout–905-518-7064  
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Lori Whiteford–905-518-7096  
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Brent Boyle–905-518-5449  
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Elle How–905-518-6937  
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Flora DiCarlo–905-518-7049  
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Joe D’Ambrosio–905-518-7031  
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Larry Smith–905-518-7024  
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Rob Gilby